The Beagle Life

“There are moments where I would daydream of running free, of sniffing anything and everything to my little heart’s content. I yearn to escape, to run, to eat whatever the hell I want without being reprimanded. I day dream sometimes…

“But I understand that I won’t always get my dream when I want it. My companions sometimes let me run wild, go for long walks as I sniff every blade of grass. Of course, they don’t let me eat whatever I want but they reward me with treats. I gotta love them. Those people love me and they are mine; forever.  Sure, I can be bad-ass and they yell and punish me. I mean, I can’t be the nice guy ALL the time, no fun. But, they love me and this is my life. My beagle life.”

I tend to only capture this little guy when he is pondering away or sleeping. I love it when an animal gets lost in their thoughts just like any person would. 

So here is more of my art. If interested in licensing the photo for whatever your nature so check my About Me section for information on contacting me. Remember, there is a story behind every photo you take.

-Miesha “EyesOfArt” Lowery

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