The Last Exit

When your dreams are just a few exits away…

You’ve been driving on this grueling road for a long time and each exit you pass, you are  struggling with conflict. Either you want to give up believing your time will not come or you hold on to the course because you HAVE to be almost there. 

But almost doesn’t count …

Or maybe it really does count for something…It counts for trying, for even attempting to follow those uninhabited dreams. Trust me, it counts for something. What happens when you are on  your road, it could be recovery, finding oneself, a better quality of life or just your dreams and desires lands you so close to the last exit? 

Do you speed up? Do you slow down? Or will you keep the pace you are at and follow through? I mean, hell, you’ve come this far and two choices are lingering in your mind. 

Choice one; I can make it. I got this. I am literally there. Do. Not. Give. Up. Follow. Through.

Choice two; It still feels like its too far away. I don’t think I can endure anymore. I just…cant.

The last exit could be your escape to whatever better future you have planned for yourself. The last exit can lead off to another road that leads to another but each road becomes easier, less grueling, more rewarding. Remember the last exit doesn’t mean it is the end of your journey, it can mean so many things to YOU. So just follow through, friend. Follow through.

-Miesha “EyesofArt” Lowery


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