Field of Dreams

I know the title of this post is quite cliché but not totally referencing the movie, albeit a great movie.  Though, it references a moment of longing, when time stands still as you peer over the verdant field.

I was driving on the back roads in the state of Maryland and I would pass this field on the way to certain destinations. So, I decided yesterday would be the day I take a moment and walk across this everlasting field of dreams. Of my dreams. 

In those moments, time had stopped, my thoughts were silent and my heartbeat slowed down. No, it was not an out-of-body experience but a revelation that my life may not be rainbows and butterflies…My life may not be debt free, no that would be too easy. The revelation hit me like a ton of bricks and tears began to form behind these brown eyes. I realized that my life is mine alone and I have the power to make it better. I have the power to let the negativity go and I surely did in that moment let my negative, dark feelings go. The field swallowed those tortuous feelings and I felt so much lighter. My shoulders did not ache anymore and I cried. Oh, I cried tears of relief. 

I had taken this picture with one thought on my mind; my field of hopes and dreams.

-Miesha “EyesofArt” Lowery


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