My Last Kiss

I kissed your lips and whispered to your soul,

In an instant, my life force you stole

My breath hitched, I swallowed hard,

Because I was caught off-guard


Your hand gripped my neck firmly

Right in that moment I felt unworthy

Of you capturing my dark essence,

Sensing my life forces’ sweet evanescence


Fire emanated through my fingertips

As you brushed your sweet tongue along my lip

Begging for entry that I could not deny

Though it never occurred to me to try


My heartbeats are no longer rapid

As I heard you whisper a savory ballad

Upon my lips, into my veins

My last taste of silky champagne


My eyes fluttered shut as darkness approached

I fell to my knees in one swift motion

My body resisted fighting the poison

My last vision is of your hazel horizon









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