Silence engulfs the city
Knocking down doors, running the streets
Dystopia all around and no one to hear our plea
Barely a whisper of a heartbeat

Dead men roam through the chaos
Feeling the rubble beneath their feet
The wealthy barely understands loss
As they lie on the cold concrete

Code Red-growing with every breath
Code Black- seizing opportunity to derail
Code Silver- feeding the minds of false courage
Code Blue- maintaining the status quo

Hope is a distant star just flickering
Children hold on tight to bed time stories
Where dreams are just shimmering
Beyond the city’s territories

Men will forever fight
But their chains never break
Dust, dirt, and debris in every line of sight
Beneath their feet, the earth quakes.

Drops of love barely a whisper
A hint of remorse on the tip of their tongue
Regret only stays through winter
Hate is the only emotion that is sung

Ashes linger in the air
Blood spills for no rhyme or reason
Death never spares
A life in any season


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