Into the Badlands

Inspired by the AMC TV show “Into the Badlands”

Part 1


Involuntary human Sacrifices

Spread across the Lands

Elite Warriors use their own body as a Vice

While they trek through the Badlands


Clipped wings and the world is torn Apart

Dirt and debris in the Distance

Blood and organs smeared over the earth like art

A never-ending Resistance


There is no Higher Power in the Badlands

Just boys who turn to Men

Every night they hope for the Sandman

To visit them to escape this Yin


Cold, heartless killers rip through the human Race

To kill without remorse is to damage one’s’ Soul

This is Dystopia for it is not just one Place

For every life sent to Chiron, there is a Toll


No parents, no past, no Name

Five separate Barons but all of the same Paragraph

For them, they kill and Maim

On their Baron’s Behalf





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