Jupiter’s Tears

I collaborated with a makeup artist: @sheisthephoenix (follow her artist flare on #instagram

Inspired by: Train- “Drops of Jupiter” Youtube



Piano keys introduce a song

Which strings her along

His thunderous clouds sing so true

Offering her the perfect view

Jupiter’s tears are her halo

While Apollo bathes her in his glow

Jupiter’s tears drop upon her face

Cleansing her soul when she fell from grace

His moon’s glisten in her hair

As she drops to her knees in prayer

Tears of Jupiter hear my plea

So, I can find the master key

As I trace my way through the atmosphere

Stars twinkle like a chandelier

Guiding me to my next destination

I thank you for being my inspiration

Tears of Jupiter soothe my pain

Cleanse my soul of disdain

Send a shooting star so I’ll know

Where to find my wandering soul

Give me your song to dance for years

For I shall bathe in Jupiter’s Tears.

-Miesha Lowery aka eyesofart



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